STDs, also known as sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases, are primarily
transmitted sexually through vaginal, oral, or rectal intercourse. (STD)

It is customary to focus only on infections that occur after vaginal intercourse, but it should be noted
that the infection is also easily transmitted from the mouth to the genitals and vice versa.

Most sexually transmitted infections are not expressed in the initial stage, which increases the risk of transmitting the infection to others. Among the signs and symptoms of the disease may be: vaginal discharge, discharge from the urethra, the presence of an unpleasant odor, the presence of ulcers on the genitals or near them (on the skin), abdominal pain. The signs described above may be absent or mild, and become pronounced during exacerbation, which may be associated with a decrease in the body's immunity (alcohol abuse, colds, etc.).

If there was unprotected intercourse or a condom broke during intercourse, in this case, it is necessary to undergo control examinations with the appropriate doctor as soon as possible. (STD)

Do not have sexual intercourse without a condom, including oral or anal. You can have an STD without knowing it and infect your partner during sexual contact. (STD)

When these problems occur, most patients avoid going to the doctor, as a result of which the inflammatory process becomes chronic, and the treatment process becomes more complicated and protracted. (STD)

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The main types of sexually transmitted infections are:

genital warts
Genital herpes
human papillomavirus
Mycoplasma, ureoplasma
Fungal lesions
Other non-specific infections
In cases where you want to have sexual intercourse without a condom, you need to undergo appropriate examinations that will confirm your state of health. Partners must provide each other with a recent STD test, after which it is possible to have sexual contact without a condom. (STD)