The frenulum of the penis is an elastic band of skin that connects the foreskin of the penis to the glans. In the case of a short frenulum, the movement of the head of the penis is limited. The frenulum of the penis must be of sufficient length and elasticity to ensure full retraction of the foreskin, and during erection it should not stretch and cause discomfort.
A short frenulum of the penis causes a downward tilt of the glans during erection (ventral deviation), pain during erection, and premature ejaculation may occur.

Rupture of the short frenulum occurs mainly in young people and occurs during sexual intercourse. A ruptured frenulum can cause significant bleeding.
As a result of healing of a torn short frenulum, cicatricial changes in the frenulum may appear, which will be less elastic and, as a result, complaints may intensify. However, a rupture can also solve the problem, since the rupture causes the frenulum to become so long that the complaints disappear.

A short frenulum is treated surgically.