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Hidden penis is a congenital or acquired anomaly in which the size and function of the penis are normal, but the penis is hidden in the surrounding tissues, which are the scrotum and fatty tissue of the pubic area. Fat accumulation in the pubic area can occur in obese men, in which the penis is partially or completely hidden in a layer of fat.

A hidden penis can cause difficulties with urination, hygiene and sexual intercourse. Scrotal webbing (Penoscrotal webbing) is the most common type of congenital anomaly, when the scrotum does not originate from the base of the penis, but closer to the head of the penis.

People with a scrotal webbing may experience discomfort and pain during intercourse. In such cases, wearing a condom is very difficult. With hidden penis, patients do not like the overall appearance of the penis when the penis is hidden between the lining of the scrotum, which may result in psychological depression due to the appearance of the external genitalia. 5881 people were studied, of which 236 were diagnosed with this problem.

From these studies we can conclude that the problem is quite common. This anomaly can be corrected very easily. A surgical intervention is performed – scrotoplasty, during which excess skin is removed and, as a result, the natural appearance of the penis is restored.